Preserve Louisiana is a privately funded organization governed by a Board of volunteers from throughout the community. Our directors and officers represent all aspects of Baton Rouge’s diverse cultural, socio-economic, and professional make up. They are elected by the membership and serve various term lengths. Members also serve on other boards including the Louisiana State Museum Board, Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the East Baton Rouge Parish Historic Preservation Commission.

Cochran, Doug*

Davis, Nedra

Eastin, Melissa

Emanuel, Rachel

Graves, Cynthia

Hargroder, Lynda*

Hobdy, Donovan

Kilpatrick, Kerry

LaNasa, Whitney

Levy, Gus*

Major,  Claire H.* 

Salomon, Martha

Spurlock, Vicki

Upton, Mark*

Wilbert, Jacob

Jackson, Fairleigh (executive director)

* denotes officer